Nobody wins by being average
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Winning is everything

To be successful in the competitive world of bids and tenders requires an effective bid process, commitment from the business and the tools to help you develop an outstanding response.

TenderPro helps you to build on those elements with our bid advice page, full of useful hints and tips, and our techno-approach to bid delivery.

A unique approach to delivery

TenderPro works with businesses to create an outstanding proposal, which will improve your chances of winning through a unique approach to proposal delivery.

Most of your competitors will:

As used by Aviva Life Services Ltd

‘When I was first approached by TenderPro I was intrigued by Debbie’s innovative concept and wanted to trial her idea of helping customers access and navigate bid documents easily and quickly using technology.  Debbie, brought her proposal management and design knowledge skills together and delivered a tailored, fully functional web-based document, for one of our large independent financial adviser customers.  It was a pleasure working with Debbie, she was very professional and exceeded our expectations in quality and turnaround times.  I am looking forward to working with TenderPro again soon.’

Jane Matthews - Bids & Tenders Manager, Aviva Life Services Ltd

So, how do you grab your customers’ attention and create competitive advantage? – SIMPLE, you deliver a response that is exceptionally easy for your customers to navigate and assess, while demonstrating innovation and creativity that will make you stand out in the crowd.

Visit our A New Approach page to find out more.